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  • Adopt continuous welding and brazing methods. Avoid soft soldering and galvanizing.
  • Open swaging, minimum gap 3mm allows coating all over. Avoid included air.
  • Weld or braze all joints. Avoid crush folding which traps air.
  • Provide coarsest possible thread and allow for coating thickness. Avoid small, fine threaded holes.
  • Ensure gauge of metal is suitable for coating thickness. Avoid using extremely light gauges of metal.
  • Space wires with gap not less than thickness of wire itself. Avoid closely spaced wires.
  • Moving parts should be easily dismantled. Avoid movable fittings.
  • Gauges of metal should be uniform. Avoid widely differing thicknesses.
  • Bends should have a radius of not less than 1mm. Avoid severe, sharp bends.
  • Internal corners need a radius of not less than I mm. Avoid sharp corners and crevices.
  • Flanged connections can be coated all over. Avoid threaded pipe connections.
  • Open sections allow free access for coating. Avoid powder traps.